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Independence Day

July 4, 2014

Associational Office will be closed


  Our Strategy for

“Embracing Christ, Crossing

Cultures: Arms Around Augusta"

VERY IMPORTANT MEETING!!  Historical vote at our August 4th Executive Committee Meeting will greatly impact our Association.  The Augusta Project may be adopted by the Georgia Baptist Convention.  Two year partnership is being offered in an unprecedented opportunity in the history of the Augusta Association of Baptist Churches. {see details in AMM article}

 Reciprocating Partnership

The covenant partnership agreement was signed by Dr. B and passed by unanimous vote of the leadership of the Allegheny Association of Southern Baptist.  We have established a command center outpost and are working on a second outpost across the mountain.  {see details in AMM article}

 Cross Cultural Commission

We have an unified outreach and ministry event planned for September 5, downtown Augusta.  WE NEED WATER AND BIBLES DONATED - Bring items to The Baptist Center.  {see details in AMM article}

Ministry Centers

South Augusta Missions and Ministry Center:  we are in the process of assembling a transition team.  eventually we will need a Board of Directors.  Also, we will assist with an assessment team from the Georgia Baptist Convention.  Our joint team will make recommendations to the transition team.  {see details in AMM article}


 Missionary's Message

Hello Fellow ministers and missionaries.  We are in the midst of exciting events in our Association.  The Future Is Now!  We will vote, on August 4, at The Hill Baptist Church, 11:00 a.m., to accept the Georgia Baptist Convention’s Partnership proposal. The desire for our state convention to adopt the Augusta Association’s strategy:  The Augusta Project: “Embracing Christ, Crossing Cultures: Arms Around Augusta,” can become a realized reality. If, we vote positively to enter into this partnership; the convention will adopt us for the next two years, and focus on resourcing Augusta for revitalizing churches, targeting reducing lostness, and helping plant churches in Augusta.  We can experience an unprecedented partner relationship with our convention and key leaders. This could be history in the making.  I hope many will attend our Executive Committee Meeting!

Mission and Ministry Center in South Augusta
We officially accepted the donation of the property of Glenn Hills Baptist Church to be converted into a missions and ministry center.  We will assemble a transition team and then appoint a Board of Directors consisting of members of the church and members of our association-at-large.  Please pray for us and consider helping partner with us.  We will need much help at the new mission with volunteers, with finances, and with managing a budget that will reflect our attempt to plant an African American Church in the facility and multiple other ministries in the same building.  The potential impact on reducing lostness in South Augusta cannot be overstated.

Allegheny Association Partnership
We signed our partnership agreement and covenant relationship with their leadership.  Both Dennis Cherry, D.O.M. and George Secrist, vice moderator, signed the covenant for their Association.  Our outpost command center will be located at Southern Baptist Fellowship, 201 Irish Street, Summersville, West Virginia.  Please contact Rev. Dennis Cherry, at (304) 880-8501, to schedule mission trips, and find out about more mission opportunities.  We are searching for another outpost command center in the Huntersville area (two coordinate points needed) giving us an outpost on each side of the mountains.

Cross Cultural Commission
Planning on having prayer booths, free water, and ministering in the streets of Downtown Augusta, on September 5, 5:00-8:00 p.m..  We are accepting water at The Baptist Building and we need Bibles to give out.  Great opportunity to get involved in an Associational event.

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
Extension Center in Augusta
Their leadership team will notify the host church they choose, and then notify us when the selection has been made and when classes will start.  You can contact Dr. Steve Lemky, or Dr. Peter Kendrick,, for more information about teaching a class or enrolling as a student.

Much more coming; however, we are out of reporting space-----


In His Secure Grip,

Dr. "B"



Church News:

Fleming - will be sponsoring a KiDs Beach Club at Goshen Elementary School this school year.  KBC meets with 3rd-5th graders once a week for one hour after school.  Kids will worship, learn a Bible lesson, play games, eat snacks and much more!  If you are interested in how your church can partner with a public school, come to our training on Sunday, August 10 from 4-7 pm at Fleming Baptist Church or visit

Hillcrest - Congratulations to Steve Patteson as he celebrates 29 years as Associate Pastor at Hillcrest Baptist Church.

Martinez - is currently seeking to hire a full time secretary.  Please call the church office at 706-863-7944 or come by to fill out an application.

The Hill - Fred Gunter was presented with the Life Time Ministry Achievement Award at the recent Georgia Baptist Church Music Conference annual meeting.  Fred has been a member of this group, as well as the Sons of Jubal for 50 years. 

Augusta Association - Congratulations to Dwayne Boudreaux and Chris Bryan as they both celebrate their second anniversary on staff of the Augusta Association.  Dwayne Boudreaux serves as Association Missionary Minister and Chris Bryan serves as Campus Minister.



Annual Church Report (ACR)

2014 brings us a new ACR form (formerly ACP-Annual Church Profile) as well as a new iGO system to enter the ACR data online.  So, with the many changes, Research Services of the /Georgia Baptist Convention will hold Annual Church Report (ACR) training.

July 24, 2014

10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Abilene Baptist Church

You may register online by clicking on this link: and then clicking on the location.  Seating is limited , so register early.




We have now completed another World Changers project.  During this week 10 houses were repaired and completed.  The projects through the years have touched the lives of literally thousands of people.

It is impossible to complete a project the size of this without the help and support of many people.  I want to personally thank Fleming Baptist Church, Pastor Billy Atkins, and his staff for providing their facilities for this years World Changers project.  I also need to thank the kitchen staff for preparing and serving the meals every day.  They got up at 3:00 a.m. to be ready for breakfast by 5:45 a.m. and back in the afternoon by 2:30 p.m. to have dinner ready at 6:00 p.m.  My thanks to Susan & Bobby Perkins, Steve & Gail Griner, Deborah Canuette, Danier, Trey, and Lauren Caines, Bobby and Anna Beth Perkins, Debra Williams,  Pat Woods, Leta Cornman and Kenneth.  A special thanks to the churches that provided a meal each day at lunch for our Crews:  Dayspring, Evans, First, Fleming, Hillcrest, Hopeful, Martinez, Open Door, West Acres, and Windsor Spring.

We have been very fortunate over the years not to have any major accidents, but just in case, we have always had a nurse that has been willing to be available.  This year I want to thank Anne Lowe for serving in this capacity.  One final thank you to Gail Griner who served as our Associational Coordinator.  Gail was a tremendous help in recruiting the churches and other personnel to complete the staffing of this years World Changers Project.  Thanks to everyone for a job well done.

The dates for World Changers-Augusta 2015 are June 13-20, 2015.


Ministry Project

Does your church need a ministry project?

I have been contacted by "Developmental Disabilities Ministries."  They have two homes here in the Augusta area. The Pedigo and Drew Homes for women.  Both homes are in need of assistance in several areas.

The churches in the West Augusta Coalition, that worked together on "Love Acts" projects, have agreed to adopt the Pedigo Home for women.  They will work to help meet the needs of that home.  The second home is the Drew Home for women; both homes have a need for perishables.  If your church is looking for a ministry project please call the Association office and we will give you contact information and a list of the needs.