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Allegheny Reciprocating Partnership

Participating Churches on Mission Trips to West Virginia

JUNE 27 – JULY 12, 2015


Washington Association   New River       June 15-20

  • Hardwick Baptist Church
  • Smyrna Baptist Church
  • Tennille Baptist Church
  • Black Spring Baptist Church
  • Darien Baptist Church
  • Island Creek Baptist Church
  • Ridgeland Heights Baptist Church

Kiokee Baptist Church       Sutton             June 21-27

Chattanooga Valley           Mountain Market Place       June 21- 27

Bayvale Baptist                  Sutton              June 29- July 5

West Acres Baptist (Dr. B)    Sutton        July 2-10

Pine Hill Baptist                 Sutton             July 6-10

Fleming Baptist                  Sutton            July 6-10

Hillcrest Baptist                 Sutton            July 6-10

Parkway                              Mountain Market Place      July 12-18



World Changers/P2 Combo Project Report

We have now completed another World Changers/P2 Combo Project.  During this week 12 houses were repaired and completed.  The projects through the years have touched the lives of literally thousands of people.

It is impossible to complete a project the size of this without the help and support of many people.  I want to personally thank Fleming Baptist Church, Pastor Billy Atkins, and his staff for providing their facilities for this year’s World Changers/P2 Combo Project.  I also need to thank the kitchen staff for preparing and serving the meals every day.  They got up at 3:00 a.m. to be ready for breakfast by 6:00 a.m. and back in the afternoon by 2:30 p.m. to have dinner at 6:00 p.m.  My thanks to Susan & Bobby Perkins, Steve & Gail Griner, Deborah Canuette, Danier, Trey, and Lauren Caines, Cullen Rhoden, Erin Holley, Bobby and Anna Beth Perkins, and Pat Woods.  A special thanks to the churches that provided a meal each day at lunch for our Construction Crews:  Dayspring, Evans, First, Fleming, Hillcrest, Hopeful, Martinez, Open Door, Miracle, Augusta, First, Blythe, Warren-Grovetown, Whispering Pines, Windsor Heights, Sweetwater, and Windsor Spring. A special thanks to the churches that provided a meal each day at lunch for our Mission Crews:  Pine Hill, Crossbridge, Grove First, Abilene, and Silvercrest.  Thank you to all the Prayer Warriors

We have been very fortunate over the years not to have any major accidents, but just in case, we have always had a nurse that has been willing to be available.  This year I want to thank Debra Williams and Tom Vickery for serving in this capacity.  Thank you to Dr. Dwayne Boudreaux as Ministry Coordinator and Gail Griner who served as our Associational Coordinator. Gail was a tremendous help in recruiting the churches and other personnel to complete the staffing of this year’s World Changers/P2 Combo Project.  Thanks to everyone for a job well done.

This is our weekly totals:

Presentation of the Gospel                                     468                 

People wanting more information                       100

People with Questions-relationship w/Jesus     27               

 People requesting prayer                                         110

Salvations                                                                            3                  

Number of tracts                                                            13

Recommitments                                                               0                

 Number of Bibles handed out                                 18

The dates for World Changers/P2 Combo Project-Augusta 2016 are June 18-24, 2016.


A Missionary’s 


I pray that the Lord is blessing you, your family, and your ministry.  My heart has been touched by all the visits, phone calls, cards, text messages, and e mails with regards to my recent serious car accident.  I received a few injuries, severe lacerations on my head, two injured shoulders, and deep muscle contusions. The car dad gave me with only 28,000 miles, was to be utilized for missions and work in the ministries, is extremely damaged and a total loss.  Please continue to pray for me as I go through physical therapy and begin searching for another car.

The Augusta Mission Center at Glenn Hills

We are just starting the work needed on the building (replaced roofs on all three buildings are already done).  The first Block Party/Back Yard Bible Club was held on June 23.  The event was a blessing to all who were involved. Rev. Edward Francis has moved to Augusta.  He will be working initially with Rev. Jasper Green and has an office at the mission center.  Rev. Francis is an African American church planter. He moved his family (wife: Elisa, daughter, Bethany 10 yrs., son, Micah 6 yrs., and daughter, Corinth 8 months) here on faith. He needs help with a ministry position or work around a church to supplement his income.

Much work has already been done at the center. However, if you have a group that would desire to help with the new work, including both building and grounds or mission and ministry opportunities, just contact us at our office. If you are led of the Lord to help fund the center, just contact us and let us know which line item (The Augusta Project or The Augusta Mission Center) to which we need to apply the funding. Also, we will conduct a commemorative and celebration service on September 13, 6:00 p.m. at the mission center site. Dr. White, Dr. Frank Nuckolls, Dr. Bobby Boswell, and other G.B.C. missionaries will be in attendance.

Reciprocating Partnership

We have a very busy summer planned in West Virginia. Fifteen churches are working within our Allegheny Partnership and will be involved in missions and ministries. In 2013 we had five churches, while last year we had eight churches involved with the partnership. More detailed information about “Backpacks for Appalachia” will be forthcoming.

Cross Cultural Commission

 Our commission sponsored a block party at the Augusta Mission Center at Glenn Hills. We are presently working on a Thanksgiving ministry event. We voted in Johnny Mack and Rev. George Davis as commissioners. Our next meeting will be August 6. We presently have two seats open for new commissioners.

Church Planting

We have need of both sponsoring and co-sponsoring churches to become support partners of church planters. Please pray for our church planters: Jerry Thangiah, Craig Williams, Marvin Patrick, Jasper Green, Edward Francis, Steve Adams, and future church planters. If you are an existing church, that is willing to share space with a church planter, please contact me. Also, we will start a new church planting cycle once we have another 4-6 planting trainees.

 In His Secure Grip,

Dr. "B"



Church News:

Calvary - Is looking for a part-time Music Minister for their blended style worship service.  Playing the guitar or keyboard will be a plus.  Duties include leading the choir and praise band.  If interested or need more information contact the church office at 706-790-6565 or send resume to

Evans, First Baptist - Philip Hedgecoth has accepted the call of pastor and began his duties effective June 1, 2015. 

Harlem - Philip Vestal resigned as pastor, his last Sunday was May 24, 2015. 

Woodlawn - Rev. Floyd Harrison has accepted the call to become their new pastor.  He will begin his duties the first Sunday in July (July 5).  We welcome Rev. Harrison and his family to the Augusta Association of Baptist Churches.


The Associational Office will be closed on

Friday, July 3rdin observance of the

Independence Day Holiday

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